2017 Heritage Toronto Public History Nominee

2018 Heritage Toronto Public History Nominee

For years...

Morgan Cameron Ross struggled with his appreciation of Toronto. A Vancouver native, Ross was raised with preconceived notions of what it meant to cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs, to live in the largest city in Canada and what a fast paced life must entail. Ross is now one of the most fervently supportive and excited fans of Toronto around(let’s not discuss the Maple Leafs still), and has grown his Old Toronto project from a wee little Instagram to an all encompassing Toronto historical project with tens of thousands of avid supporters, over two million views and most importantly a platform wherein Toronto aficionados can share their love of the city and learn new and non conventional things about such.


Ross started a small instagram account in Fall of 2015 to share his love of Toronto historical photos. Through thousands of posts and endless research Ross saw an impressive appetite for Toronto history. Christmas, 2016 Ross launched his Old Toronto video series. Ross would research, film, edit, host, narrate and score each episode. Since then Old Toronto has partnered with the likes of MySeum of Toronto, Bosley Real Estate, Swatch Watches, Ossington Residents Association, Carmen Wines and others producing OT content.

Ross has always been very clear about why he enjoys promoting Toronto and history in general. ‘The more people know about their community the stronger the community is’.

Morgan Cameron Ross has lived and worked in Toronto as a musician and songwriter since 2005. He spends most of his time in the little Italy area on College with good coffee and his giant weimaraner/labrador cross. Morgan currently juggles the MA program in history at York University and a new folk-country project he is launching with female singer and former Toronto native, Esthero, that they have been working on in Los Angeles over the past couple years.